Sushi restaurant in Warsaw, umbrellas Glatz, model Fortino Riviera

The Świętokrzyska Sushi Restaurant in Warsaw focused on quality and reliability – they chose 4 Fortino Riviera umbrellas with Osyrion lighting for their gastronomic garden. When choosing the model, ease of use, through manual opening with an overhead crane, and self-tensioning fabric of the canopy were very important. The durability of the umbrella structure is guaranteed by its anodized aluminum construction, i.e. corrosion-resistant elements. The class 5 fabric used in the umbrellas guarantees the appearance of the first signs of fading only after 700 days of direct sunlight. In addition, it is resistant to soiling and has a coating that protects against water and grease stains and a finish that protects against mold. High protection against UV radiation – UPF 50+ is also important. Fortino Riviera also offers windproof umbrellas with a force of up to 80 km/h, ideal for places exposed to strong winds, i.e. the sea coast, restaurant terraces.

Umbrellas Glatz