Garden in Warsaw, Palazzo Style E umbrellas and Camargue pergola

The Camargue pergola measuring 450 x 600 cm with Lineo Led lighting was installed in the garden of one of the embassies in Warsaw. The free-standing pergola is equipped with 3 slats with lighting with the ability to adjust the intensity of light. The garden is still under construction. If the Polish climate turns out to be too whimsical for users, the Camargue model can be equipped with additional side blinds, heaters or glass panels at any time and make it possible to use it on less sunny days. In addition, the side of the pergola was equipped with 2 professional umbrellas from Glatz. The Palazzo Style E model is electrically controlled, equipped with lighting in the arms, more decorative, illuminating the bowl down and up. The culmination of the project, after the dirty work is completed, will be the arrangement of furniture under the pergola and umbrellas.

Electric umbrellas

Pergolas Renson