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The mission of the Belgian company is to create a comfortable indoor atmosphere, regardless of the function of the building, using the highest quality products.

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For years, Renson has focused primarily on research and innovation, thanks to which they managed to create pergolas considered to be among the most exclusive and resistant to external weather conditions. Below you will find a description of individual RENSON pergola models and their functionalities, as well as types of covers dedicated to them. For detailed information, please contact us.

Pergolas Renson

Pergolas from the Belgian manufacturer Renson are a kind of extension of the living room, which, thanks to the use of the best quality materials and technology, create additional outdoor space at the highest level. All Renson pergolas are based on an aluminum frame, regardless of whether they are free-standing or attached to the facade. Countless options mean you can fully tailor your pergola to your needs. Electric control, LED lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere, various possibilities of covering the side walls, built-in audio elements and heaters – all this so that you can match the best solutions to your needs and be able to use the outdoor space all year round!

Camargue Skye

The Camargue Skye retractable roof pergola provides an open feeling while still providing seclusion. The aluminum slats on the pergola roof can be rotated to your liking. This pergola with a retractable roof is perfect for letting in maximum sunlight in the winter and enjoying the starry sky in the summer. When necessary, you can protect yourself from rain or snow, and when there is a lot of sunlight, when you want to partially let in the sun’s rays, just turn the slats to the desired position and enjoy the perfect amount of light inside the pergola. The lamella roof is not only extremely functional, but also has a very elegant appearance. All cables, anchors and drainage channels are hidden. This pergola with retractable roof can be free-standing or attached to the facade. You can personalize it in many ways. For example, you can choose windproof screens, the Loggia system or sliding glass panels as a side element. Alternatively, you can create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with LED lighting and music or a heating system.




The stylish Renson Camargue slatted pergola is for anyone who loves an attractive, elegant finish. All options and side elements are seamlessly integrated. Renson Camargue protects against bad weather and wind, so you can enjoy relaxation inside regardless of the weather conditions. The roof of this pergola consists of multifunctional aluminum rotating slats, thanks to which you can completely control the amount of light entering or protect yourself from rain and snow. The Somfy remote control allows you to easily close and open the panels on the pergola. Once the rain stops, you can quickly and easily reopen the roof and the water will drain out in a controlled manner by channeling it into the side gutters.



Aluminum pergola with a waterproof lamella roof Renson Algarve is a unique, versatile pergola. It can be attached to the facade or free-standing. Do you live in a contemporary, classic or modern style house? Renson Algarve is available in many color combinations, and the unique Classic line has decorative frames and additional decorative ornaments on the columns, which will add a rustic touch.

You can rotate the slats of your Renson Algarve roof by up to 150°. This way you can constantly adjust the sun protection and ventilation to your needs at any time of the day. The lamella pergola is completely waterproof when closed. After the rain stops, the water is drained in a controlled manner through integrated drainage channels to the side gutters and the ground.



Renson Aero is a lamella roof that can be added to new or existing building structures. The roof structure has a timeless and simple design, thanks to which it blends harmoniously into the architecture of the house. A pergola with foldable aluminum slats allows for the desired amount of sunlight and ventilation, and during bad weather it will provide 100% protection against rain.

There are many roof finishing options available, e.g. translucent slats let in more natural light, and in the evening LED lighting will provide an atmospheric atmosphere. Thanks to the rain and wind sensor, the slats will automatically adjust to the prevailing weather conditions.



Renson Lapure, a minimalist designer pergola attached to the building’s facade, which fits perfectly into modern homes. The pergola has a retractable roof that, depending on your needs, can be unfolded to protect yourself from the sun or folded completely, obtaining a panoramic view of the blue sky or a starry night. The ideal tension of the waterproof material is provided by Fixsreen, which is integrated with intelligent water drainage to the ground through gutters located in the columns supporting the pergola. This functional product is additionally complemented by stylish LED lighting, so that you can spend time in the comfort of the LAPURE pergola even after dark.