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FixScreen, produced by the Belgian company Renson, is a combination of an insect mesh and a high resistance roller blind.

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It protects your interiors from excessive sunlight, noise and insects, which especially during spring and summer eagerly try to get into the apartment. In addition, FixScreen offers excellent protection against adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to Renson’s zip system, the roller shutters are resistant to wind speeds of up to 130 km/h when closed, which is comparable to a 12-degree Beaufort hurricane.

The fabric of the protective roller blind may differ in the opening factor (OF) thus allowing it to either completely darken the room or to create a delicate shade whenever you need it.
The external structure is made of aluminum, which complements the façade of any building. You can also choose between different styles of cassette mounting.
A wide range of colors allows you to customize the Screens to any arrangement, without compromising the consistency of architecture and design. The screens also have two types of shapes – square with a straight edge and Softline with rounded edges.