żaluzje fasadowe

External Blinds

żaluzje fasadowe warszawa
External Blinds, otherwise known as external blinds, protect windows against weather conditions such as wind, rain or snow.

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Facade blinds (also known as external blinds) provide effective protection against UV radiation, especially in the summer when the temperature and intensity of solar radiation are higher. Due to the fact that the window covering reflects the sun’s rays, it protects against excessive heating of the interior of the house, thus increasing the comfort of staying in the room.

Facade blinds – application

Facade blinds can be installed not only on rectangular, but also on sloping facades, so they will work seamlessly in cases of curves created by the roof.

External blinds will fit perfectly into the aesthetics of modern buildings with large glazing and interiors in a minimalist or industrial style. They will work well in single-family homes, as well as in shops and office and commercial facilities.

Our offer includes aluminum blinds with slats:

  • CETTA 50, 80, 100,
  • ZETTA 65, 70, 90,
  • SETTA 65, 70, 90,
  • TITAN 90.

Aluminum facade blinds are eagerly chosen by owners of single-family houses and commercial premises due to their properties. These are structures mounted outside the building, used to regulate the amount of light entering the interior and to control temperature and privacy. Aluminum is a durable and light material. This makes facade blinds easy to install and use. Rust and corrosion resistance further contributes to their long service life. By installing aluminum facade blinds, you can maintain a constant temperature in the rooms, reducing heat losses. Aluminum is a material that has great insulating properties. Aluminum façade blinds have a modern and elegant look that perfectly suits modern buildings. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors, which allows the products to be matched to various architectural styles.

It is worth emphasizing that these covers are easy to maintain. They do not require any special maintenance procedures. Just clean them periodically to keep them looking great and functional.