The DOME radiant lamps by Heatsail are an extremely exclusive and effective item that combines two functions: heating and lighting, which can also be controlled independently.

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Heater DOME

A tall, arc-shaped heating lamp with a large shade – ensures even and efficient heat reflection with a radius of five meters. Its timeless design will be appreciated by lovers of original garden and terrace equipment elements. As standard, DOME is available in white or black, but it can also be custom painted in any RAL color. The inside of the Heatsail heater is gold, which gives the light a pleasant, warm shade.
As an additional option, it is possible to equip the heater with two waterproof speakers with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, which allows you to listen to music outdoors. In addition to the floor lamp, the manufacturer also offers the option of a hanging lamp or mounting it to the facade.


Advantages of Heatsail heaters:
  • The device is very economical, consumes 3.22 kW/h, provides a 3100-watt infrared heat stream and 120-watt lighting.
  • The DOME® heating lamp consumes five times less energy than classic gas heaters.
  • It is possible to adjust the intensity of the heating functions.
  • The lamp is extremely easy to maintain – it is waterproof and does not emit CO2, which is harmful to the environment.
  • Additionally, we can dim and brighten the light coming from the lamps using the remote control.
  • In addition to its aesthetics, the Heatsail heater also has a huge advantage: it works on long infrared rays, which means that they do not cause headaches in the event of long-term use. On the contrary, long infrared waves are used in therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments.

DOME Heatsail lamps – application

The DOME radiant lamp by Heatsail is an innovative device that has many applications.

Where can you place the heater?

  • Terraces and gardens – DOME lamps can be placed on terraces, verandas and gardens, allowing household members to spend time comfortably outdoors, even on colder days. Thanks to efficient heating and lighting, you can enjoy evenings with family and friends outdoors, regardless of the temperature.
  • Restaurants and cafes – the DOME radiant lamp is a perfect solution for restaurant and cafe owners who run catering gardens. DOME provides pleasant warmth and lighting that encourages guests to use the restaurant’s outdoor space all year round.
  • Hotels and resorts – DOME lamps from Heatsail can be used in hotels and resorts to allow guests to relax outdoors in comfortable conditions. Thanks to its functionality, guests can use swimming pools, outdoor SPA and relaxation areas, even on colder days.
  • Outdoor events and events – the DOME radiant lamp can also be used during various types of outdoor events, such as weddings, conferences and festivals. It not only provides warmth and lighting, but also is an attractive decorative element.

If you are looking for an innovative and modern lamp for your garden, decide to purchase the DOME lamp by Heatsail.



Heatsail heater – description of parameters:

The DOME model:

▪ Manufacturer: Heatsail (Belgium)
▪ Heating and lighting function (dimmable)
▪ Two heating power modes
▪ Possibility of using heating and lighting independently
▪ Standard construction colors: black or white
▪ Possibility of any RAL color for an additional fee
▪ Dome interior color: gold
▪ Lighting control: via Heatsail remote control
▪ Heater control: button on the foot
▪ Foot dimensions: 43x43x32 cm
▪ Lampshade dimensions: Ø100 x 50 cm
▪ The height of the lampshade at the lowest point: 180 cm
▪ Maximum height: 235 cm
▪ Radiator power: 3100W; lighting power: 120W; energy consumption: 3,22 kW/h
▪ Total weight: approx. 150 kg
▪ Type of rays: long wave infrared rays
▪ Operating range: area with a diameter of approx. 4-5 m (most effective near the lampshade)
▪ 24-month manufacturer’s warranty