Garden furniture

Furniture is an inseparable element of every terrace and garden. They provide us with rest and relaxation and make the time spent outside more enjoyable. Well-chosen garden furniture also gives our space a unique character and also emphasizes the style of the garden.


A world-famous brand specializing in metal garden furniture. The furniture is characterized by both the original appearance and the quality of the materials used. Thanks to 60 years of experience, the company has mastered to perfection the accuracy of workmanship and durability of their products, and is perfectly able to hit the customers' preferences. That is why Emu furniture is a perfect match for gardens as well as for restaurants and public areas. This brand can also boast of a very wide range of products.



Trendsetter on the world furniture market in door / out door. RODA became a brand that was the first to implement the style and character of furniture previously reserved only for interior furniture in such outdoor furniture collections. Harmony, elegance and rejection of beaten patterns are the foundation of their style of informal luxury while maintaining very classic forms. Upholstered furniture is additionally protected with a breathable fabric to be resistant to weather conditions. Perfect furniture for stylish interiors, terraces and gardens.



An international synonym of luxury quality and design. The Royal Botania brand has gained worldwide recognition. New collections of garden furniture, outdoor lighting and bathroom furniture lines have led to this success. The team is not afraid to take new materials to the workshop, such as stainless steel, aluminum and synthetic fibers.